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Was Apple Exploit a Backdoor?

Was Apple Exploit a Backdoor?

Episode #17. What are backdoors? How should we define them?

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Episode #17. What are backdoors? How should we define them? What is spyware? Google privacy sandbox & Manifest v3, and more!

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00:00 What are backdoors, intentional vs non-intentional?

14:26 How do we define spyware? What's the issue of calling everything spyware?

20:42 Wickr Died, & no one cares?

22:48 Google's 'Privacy' Sandbox & Manifest v3

27:58 Is it harmful when companies advertise 'privacy'?

34:48 Facebook's E2EE vs Telegram's E2EE

38:14 Signal Messenger Usernames.....WHEN?

42:06 Our Personal YouTube channels

45:02 On video editing and our experiences creating content

47:28 Final Words

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