Feb 8, 2022 • 51M

The Future of Monero & Private Money w/ Douglas Tuman

Techlore Talks Interview: Douglas Tuman, Host of Monero Talk.

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Henry Fisher
Welcome to Techlore Talks - where we dive into technology, privacy, & security. Hosted by Henry & Jonah from Techlore
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Techlore Talks Interview: Douglas Tuman, Host of Monero Talk We're pleased to present Douglas Tuman from MoneroTalk to discuss the future of Monero, Private Money, Digital Cash, Cryptocurrency, Privacy, and more!

Monero Talk


Monero Talk Interview with Henry

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00:00 Introduction

00:51 Why did you run for congress and what was it like?

05:50 Is Bitcoin anonymous?

07:23 Why do people think Bitcoin is anonymous?

09:43 How does Monero differ from Bitcoin?

11:13 Is there incentive to use Bitcoin over Monero for privacy?

12:36 Do you see crypto as a technology or an investment?

14:37 What's your story surrounding Monero?

17:54 Can Bitcoin accomplish what Monero does?

19:55 Are there projects that compete or beat Monero's privacy?

23:12 How does Monero compare to shielded Zcash?

24:45 How can we confirm Monero is safe?

28:54 How are you involved in the Monero world?

31:36 How does privacy fit into the cryptocurrency world?

32:46 Why do you value privacy and why is it important to you?

40:22 What are some of your favorite privacy tools?

44:23 Favorite privacy tools rapid questions!

45:20 What's Monerotopia?

48:04 Final Discussions!

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