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Startpage CEO Interview: Robert Beens

Startpage CEO Interview: Robert Beens

Techlore Talks Interview: Robert Beens, CEO of the privacy search engine Startpage.

Techlore Talks Interview: Robert Beens, CEO of the privacy search engine Startpage. How does Startpage compare to DuckDuckGo and other search engines? What's their history? Is their recent collaboration a concern? How do they ensure your privacy? Are they a good service? Find out what their CEO has to say in this interview.


00:00 Introduction

01:08 Is there anything you want to start out with?

01:28 How do your company goals line up with privacy?

05:04 How would you compare a privacy metasearch engine to your service?

09:05 Who runs Startpage, and what is the life for an employee like? How's your company setup?

10:30 What separates Startpage from other privacy search engines?

17:10 What makes Startpage more secure and private than other options?

27:48 What are your plans in the future that you can share publicly?

32:30 What do you have to say about the recent ownership change? (System1)

34:12 Does the ownership change effect how data is shared or collected?

35:10 Do you have plans on open sourcing anything in the future?

36:20 If Startpage pays for Google results, how does Startpage make its money?

38:00 Does Starpage plan (or have you already) paid to be a browser default?

40:15 Final Words

40:50 Final Question: Do you have an onion site, and do you allow Tor users to access Startpage?

42:10 Actual Final Words

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