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Reclaim Control with Vivaldi Browser - Jón von Tetzchner Interview

Techlore Talks Interview: Jón von Tetzchner, CEO of the web browser Vivaldi.

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Henry Fisher
Welcome to Techlore Talks - where we dive into technology, privacy, & security. Hosted by Henry & Jonah from Techlore
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Techlore Talks Interview: Jón von Tetzchner, CEO of the web browser Vivaldi. Welcoming Jón on Techlore Talks to chat about privacy, security, history of Vivaldi, control, open source, federation, and a lot more!


00:00:00 Introductions

00:00:56 About Jón & Vivaldi Browser

00:02:00 History of Opera Browser & Vivaldi

00:04:13 Opera and Vivaldi Philosophy Differences

00:06:26 Vivaldi Browser in Cars

00:09:16 Vivaldi's Target Audience

00:12:25 Vivaldi's Business Model

00:15:14 Prior/Historical Business Models for Browsers

00:17:06 Vivaldi's 1st-Party Privacy Protections

00:20:30 Vivaldi's 3rd-Party Privacy & Security Protections

00:23:23 Vivaldi's Browser Engine & Decision Behind Chromium

00:28:46 Quick Plug

00:29:30 Vivaldi's Open Source/Source Available Situation Explained

00:35:19 Vivaldi's Community

00:38:49 Vivaldi's Mastodon Homeserver, Social Networking, & The Fediverse

00:45:54 Vivaldi Security Update Speed

00:47:57 Vivaldi on iOS, WebKit in light of EU regulations, and the Digital Markets Act

00:57:28 Contextual vs Surveillance Ads, FLOC, Manipulation, and Digital monetization

01:03:23 Where to reach Jon & Vivaldi

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