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Quad9 vs Sony, & The State of Linux Phones

Quad9 vs Sony, & The State of Linux Phones

Episode #7. Bluesky, Librem 5 and other Linux Phones, Quad9 vs Sony, and tons of other privacy news for a loose week.
DNS resolver Quad9 fails to overturn web-blocking order secured by Sony  Music | Complete Music Update

Episode #7. We didn't have one topic to cover, so here are many in a single episode. Enjoy! NOTE: This was never published here, so apologies for the delay.


00:00 Introduction

00:25 Bluesky, Facebook's Federated Platform, & others

03:27 Librem 5 Refund, & State of Linux Phones

08:05 Cerebral selling private health data

09:21 A lot on HIPAA....

15:11 Browser profiles, & Jonah's Arc experience

19:11 South Park Worldwide Privacy Tour episode

21:12 F-Droid getting faster repo updates

21:36 Quad9 vs Sony court ruling

23:48 Twitter not publishing transparency reports

26:09 Brave News not syncing across clients!

29:50 Brave's BAT, & Signal's MobileCoin

31:08 SimpleX VC funding, & comments on messengers

34:27 Throwback to CTemplar, & Project Sustainability

36:47 HP locking out third-party ink on printers

37:27 GitHub making 2FA mandatory

38:03 Signal's recent blog, and the UK anti-encryption bill

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