May 23, 2021 • 48M

Meet Session, The Signal Rival for Private Messaging! - Kee Jefferys Interview

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Weekly security and privacy news - Presented by Techlore & The New Oil

Session Messenger aims to offer absolute privacy & security to its user's messages, find out how they're attempting to do this in our exclusive interview with Kee Jefferys.

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Session is a FOSS/open source messenger aiming to tackle Signal by offering similar privacy & security benefits with no phone number requirement and other fantastic layers like the Loki/Oxen Network and their cryptocurrency. Learn all about it through the following timestamps:
00:00 Introduction
01:10 History of Session
02:38 Encrypted messaging explained, & its importance in 2021
05:26 Strengths of Session over competitors
07:40 Thoughts on Signal and how Session compares
14:28 Who is Session's target audience?
17:02 What does the future of Session look like?
22:16 What are the drawbacks to Session?
25:00 Loki/Oxen Network explained
27:20 rebranding
28:34 Oxen vs Tor vs I2P vs VPN
33:10 Tor vulnerabilities & concerns
35:36 What does the future of Loki/Oxen look like?
40:18 What are the drawbacks to Loki/Oxen?
41:52 Thoughts on Australia's 'ban' of E2EE
46:30 Final words & conclusion

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