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Marking a Few Victories for Privacy!

Marking a Few Victories for Privacy!

Episode #12. Some positive privacy news and a lot more to catch ourselves up!

Episode #12. It's been a couple months and we wanted to start with some recent positive privacy news. We also cover tons of other events like Google removing saved links, Debian turning 30, Punkt, Signal, app store malware, Red Hat, and more!

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00:00 Intro

00:48 Some positive privacy wins!

07:50 Google removing saved links?

09:50 Issues with cloud providers and how they can screw you over.

11:36 Debian turned 30!

13:03 Punkt, Signal, Matrix, and E2EE

17:30 Fake Signal/Telegram Malware on Play Store

20:18 Google Authenticator is STILL a meme

24:28 Jonah is annoyed with Apple

27:30 Red Hat saga, Fedora, Corporate influence and more

32:07 has a self-testing tool!

34:00 Jitsi Meet shut down anonymous registration

35:08 Fairphone 5, Purism Librem 5, PinePhone, iPhones, and more!

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