Mar 24 • 40M

Linus Tech Tips Hacked, What Happened? - TT8

More security required!

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Welcome to Techlore Talks - where we dive into technology, privacy, & security. Hosted by Henry & Jonah from Techlore
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LTT LAN Cave Wallpaper - LTT Releases - Linus Tech Tips

LTT got hacked, general chit-chat on what we think went wrong, as well as other discussions regarding general security issues recently, with some Linux security bits.

→ Update blog (We got a LOT right!)

00:00 LTT Hack

11:38 When I Met Linus

14:41 More on YouTube security and LTT

22:31 Jonah's hatred for tech

27:28 Recent security issues (Google Vulnerabilities)

30:30 Fedora's 5 year security plan & hardcore security takes

38:36 Final words

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