May 16, 2020 • 1HR 21M

Interviewing Sean O'Brien: A Privacy & Security Expert

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Weekly security and privacy news - Presented by Techlore & The New Oil

Very happy to welcome Sean O'Brien to the SR podcast for an interview! 

Sean O'Brien Webpage:

Yale Privacy Lab:


0:00:10 Introduction
0:02:32 Why Privacy?
0:05:50 History Behind Privacy Concerns
0:11:52 Technological Reliance & Privacy
0:14:14 Effects of COVID-19
0:18:12 COVID-19 Contact Tracing
0:25:30 Hasty Nation-Wide Responses
0:28:53 GrapheneOS, LineageOS, ROMs, & Phones
0:30:00 About Yale Privacy Lab
0:34:35 About PrivacySafe
0:39:11 Experience with Purism
0:43:11 Sean's Favorite Projects
0:44:58 Technological Autonomy
0:47:32 Alternative Mobile Phones
0:52:00 3 Things to Reclaim Privacy
1:11:33 Scariest Privacy Concerns
1:18:07 What OS do you use?
1:19:40 Final Words

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