Mar 31 • 55M

How to Crush Data Brokers with Rob Shavell from DeleteMe

An awesome interview!

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How do data brokers work? How do they find your data? What can you do? A super insightful interview with Rob Shavell from Abine DeleteMe to offer an inside look into the data industry of people-searching sites.

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00:00 Introducing Rob

01:00 Defining 'people-searching websites'

04:12 Why do people-searching sites even exist?

06:06 How are people-searching sites different from phone books?

13:27 Where does all this data come from?

18:17 How do these sites correlate data to an individual?

22:04 How do people investigate themselves? Is this a wordwide problem?

25:05 The emotional, personal, and 'real' side of privacy

29:05 What options do people have to address the problem?

34:22 Covering preventative measures

36:38 Covering automatic profile deletion & services like DeleteMe

38:41 What's the scope of what DeleteMe deletes?

41:05 Is DeleteMe available outside of the US?

42:18 What's the long-term solution to this problem?

47:03 Does privacy regulation impact DeleteMe effectiveness?

49:52 The story behind Rob, privacy, and DeleteMe

53:17 Closing Words

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