Apr 29 • 42M

Google Authenticator is a Literal Meme - TT9

Why must they do this...

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Welcome to Techlore Talks - where we dive into technology, privacy, & security. Hosted by Henry & Jonah from Techlore
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How to use Google Authenticator on iPhone and iPad | AppleInsider

Google Authenticator's new (meme-worthy) sync functionality, some updates to the privacy/security of security keys like Yubikeys, our experiences so far with Proton Pass, and more!

00:00 Google Authenticator's Cringe Update

08:29 Story behind our recent Yubikey review

09:59 Is keeping security keys plugged in insecure?

14:58 Are security keys a privacy concern?

18:37 Insight into our Proton review

20:53 Proton Pass First Thoughts!

29:00 Brave Search Goes 100% independent

35:21 On AI

40:00 Closing thoughts

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