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Exciting Updates from Google!
Exciting Updates from Google!
Episode #13. Google Pixel event 2023 & more...
Google Pixel 8. The Google Pixel 8 series is expected… | by Mustakim  Jamadar | Sep, 2023 | Medium

Episode #13. Google Pixel event w/ 7 years of security updates, Nextcloud's conference, Punkt Pigeon update, Element X, Tailscale x Mullvad, and a lot more!

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00:00 Quick Intro

00:18 Google Event Highlights for Us

04:20 My Experience @Nextcloud conference

05:54 Punkt Pigeon Update + Minimal Device workflows

09:50 Element X Matrix Client

10:28 New Tailscale/Mullvad Integration

13:38 Privacy is not just about private software

18:18 Google's lackluster project management

25:54 Samsung's Ecosystem?

29:00 Just talking phones and other retro tech :)

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