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Apple is finally resolving its green messages problem.

Apple is finally resolving its green messages problem.

Episode #15. Less Bad Green Bubbles

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Episode #15. Apple dealing with green messages via RCS and what it means for you, Signal messenger usernames, accusations against Tuta (previously Tutanota), and more!

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00:00 Intro

01:04 Apple RCS, E2EE, security, and more!

05:08 Signal usernames and other signal discussions

09:04 Final iMessage chats & contact key verification

11:54 Accusations against Tuta

18:16 Sending love to the brilliant people behind services

19:28 Hidden Signal features

22:06 WhatsApp competing with messengers

23:14 New forum themes! (And rambles about Craigslist)

30:20 Insomnia cookies 🍪

32:10 Mullvad x Tailscale integration and my experience

33:56 Our favorite fast food

39:02 Forum updates!!

39:40 Final words

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