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Our newsletter offers a convenient place to keep up with the latest privacy & security updates from Techlore, while allowing us to independently reach you without relying on ‘big tech’ platforms.

A Quick Word on Independence

On October 16th, 2022 - I (Henry) got my Twitter account permanently suspended with no reason given. My two guesses as to why are:

  • Someone who didn’t like what I was saying mass-flagged the account

  • Twitter flagged the account as suspicious for the privacy precautions I was using when engaging with the platform

I don’t think we’ll never know why the account was suspended, but the effect is the same: It was a massive wakeup call that we need to have more independence. If YouTube & Twitter shut down our accounts, we would instantly lose access to hundreds of thousands of our people in our community! This is not a risk we want to take for ourselves, and especially for the people relying on us for their privacy & security journey.

With that out of the way, what can you expect to receive from the Techlore Dispatch?

Video Announcements

We’ve heard from countless subscribers on YouTube that despite all settings being enabled - they don’t receive notifications for our content. To eliminate all possibilities of missing our content, we’ll be publishing our new videos to the dispatch.


We now have:

  • A blog! (These will dive into deeper privacy & security concepts to add wonderful insight into the space)

  • Text versions of (most) of our future videos! (Many people have asked for our videos to be in text format - and it’s finally here!)

Techlore Talks Podcast

Recently, Jonah (our community admin) and myself have started Techlore Talks - a fun place to have long discussions about privacy & security. Many of you have been loving these (and we love doing them!) so we’re very excited to announce it as a podcast that lives on the dispatch.

General News/Announcements/Updates

We don’t quite know what this will look like yet, but if a large event occurs in the privacy space, we want a place to (quickly) let our subscribers know about it without needing to produce a video. Additionally, we want a place to announce Techlore-specific updates so you can be in the loop on our newest projects.

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I am creating educational resources for average people to understand the importance of privacy and security on the internet, and take back control over their digital lives.